Three Must-haves Home Alarm Systems Should Offer You

Everything You Need to Set Up Your Ring Home Security System

Are you looking for a home alarm and surveillance system that can protect your home and ensure peace of mind whether you’re at home or away? In the past you had limited options for home security companies depending on your local area, and you usually had to rely on a technician to get the system installed and running. On top of that, if there were problems, the customer service center could be hard to reach, and if you were dissatisfied with the system, you might have to pay a hefty fee to get out of the service contract.

Today, you can find home security products for much less than they used to cost, and you can even get a security plan without a contract. Some systems have even made it so that you can buy your own equipment and install it yourself. When deciding which system you want to go with, overall cost is important, but the features offered should be your primary concern. There are three things in particular that you should look for when buying home security systems.

An Easy To Access App So You Can Check In On Your Home

This may seem like something every home security company should have, but not every company has great apps that give you all the views you want. Some companies will charge you extra if you want access to the app and want to take a look at certain live cameras, or access recorded video footage. It’s important to know exactly where the video recordings will be stored, and for how long they will remain in the system. Always check reviews on the company’s app before deciding to subscribe to them.

Active Home Monitoring

One very important thing is to make sure home alarm systems have professionals monitoring who can also provide live evidence to the police of a break-in in the event it happens. This is critical because simply setting off an alarm isn’t usually enough to bring the police to a property. This is because alarms aren’t set off by burglars, so to make sure the police know it was in fact an intruder and not the neighbor’s cat who set off the alarm, active monitoring professionals can send live video to the police to confirm a break-in. They can also call you if you’re away and inform you of any property damage or additional actions needed.

A System With Backup Power In Case Of Power Outage

Along with trying to protect your home from burglars, sometimes home alarm systems have to deal with acts of nature or human errors that disrupt things like electricity. But you don’t want your system to go out with the power, so it’s important to go with one that has batteries or an alternative power supply that can kick in whenever your home’s power goes out. Many of these new systems do have that along with a base and keypad that can be placed anywhere in the home, and their internet connection is usually through mobile networks instead of home wifi.

The bottom line is your home security system has a big job to do, so you need to make sure you don’t compromise on reliability. You want to make sure it will always be watching your home any time you’re away, and cannot be hacked by any intruders. Other considerations you may want to make are having a smart home and home security system all in one, or a home security system that can integrate with an existing smart home without all the fancy features.

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