Q&A: Can a Non-Contributing Boyfriend Claim a Home?

A widow with no little ones and no will has a reside-in boyfriend. If she dies, can he make a claim on the dwelling as a domestic husband or wife or even a dependent?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Concern: My widowed sister owns a property in Florida and has no children or will. She has experienced a live-in boyfriend for 20 decades who does not add to family bills. If a thing happened to her, could he make a assert on her assets as a domestic partner or even as a dependent? The loved ones is concerned. – Jeff

Response: The response varies depending on the condition that anyone lives in. In Florida, single partners get pleasure from none of the rights and obligations of married people.

That claimed, a lot of of all those rights and obligations can be recreated in appropriately drafted contracts, this kind of as co-tenancy agreements, and other rights can be recognized by correct estate arranging.

It would be tough for the boyfriend to make a legitimate declare to the home when she passes until he was assisting with the expenses or paid out for enhancements to the house. Absolutely nothing can quit him from creating a assert to the property, but the regulation would be on your family’s facet in the problem you describe.

In any occasion, your sister should have an estate prepare ready. Wills and other estate setting up equipment considerably reward the individuals we go away at the rear of. For instance, your sister may perhaps want her boyfriend to have rights in the home that will not be recognized without having a will. Or she could specially not want that.

Moreover, trusts or lifetime estate deeds can support stay clear of probate together with its expense and stress.

You and your siblings ought to have a sit-down with your sister to explore what she wishes to come about with her house. Several persons are anxious or superstitious about getting an estate strategy, but even if she does not want 1, the spouse and children will know her wishes.

Mainly because this area of legislation can fluctuate greatly in various circumstances and spots, converse with a nearby professional about your unique wants and fears

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