Is The Stock Of Apple A Buy In The Future Of Launching Event Of iPhone 12?

iPhone 12' event Sept. 8 with 'Apple Glass' & Apple Silicon Mac reveal on  Oct. 27, says leaker | AppleInsider

We all familiar with the Apple company. It has completely changed over four years. While much of the attention will be on the supply chain and consumer-demand issues company, which is connected with this pandemic. The plan of the company Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL at ) for the cash pile is not a small matter for long-term investors. The company has reported its earnings in the month of April; many investors will be seeking an update on their next plan. The company has finished its fiscal first quarter with about 100 billion dollars in net cash. It has returned a free cash flow of about 135% through the combination of stock repurchases and dividends. 

iPhone success

the top driver of the modern success of the company (NASDAQ: AAPL) is the iPhone product. The game-changer smartphone sparked years of massive growth, and it has created loyal customers wishing to buy the company’s products and services. But the sales of the iPhone have slowed since most of the users hold onto the handsets over a long period between the upgrades. Hence, it could be on the major upgrade cycle brink with the first 5G iPhone. 

The growth of the company 

With the slower growth of the iPhone, investors wonder what will be the next growth driver of the company’s stock. Currently, two businesses have given the sales and profit a boost to the company, which are services and wearables. In the quarter of June month, the services revenue of Apple rose by about 15%, which is 13.16 billion dollars. These services include AppStore, AppleCare, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and many other offerings. In the meantime, the Wearables and accessories unit of the company has seen the sales jump of about 17%, which is 6.45 billion dollars. 

The earnings of the company Apple

At the end of the July month, the company (NASDAQ: AAPL) delivered better than the expected results of the June month quarter. Apple has earned 2.58 dollars per share on sales of about 59.7 billion dollars in its third quarter. While thinking about the year over year basis, the company rose up to 18% as the sales climbed to about 11%. MAC computer sales have been jumped over 22% for about 7.08 billion dollars in the month of June. Since the Apple company bounce back from the lows of the market crash because of the pandemic, the stock of the company has been outdoing the stock market. Hence, if you wish to buy Apple’s stock, then it is the right time for buying. You can check more stocks like NASDAQ: GOOGL at .

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.