Boracay for the Frugal – 5 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Holiday

Looking for a Boracay beach resort with affordable rates, or cheap plane tickets that are almost free? Use these 5 tips to help you stick to your budget:
Keep an eye out for online sales.
Whether it’s for plane tickets or hotel rooms, it’s wise to search on the Internet first for Boracay packages. Many of these online deals are available exclusively online, since you get them straight from the airline or resort, and not through a travel agent. On top of that, you can easily compare rates with other establishments. Sites not to be missed: blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds of the respective companies.
Skip the beachfront.
With Boracay’s small size – it only has an area of 10.32 sq km – even resorts that are not beachfront properties aren’t really too far from its white-sand shores. So, if you want to avoid paying premium rates and are fine with a bit of walking, then just get a room a little bit further inland.
Opt for Station 2 or 3 villas in hoskote instead.
Boracay accommodation at Station 1 is the priciest – but it doesn’t mean that they offer exclusive access to that part of the beach. Since White Beach is open to the public, you can book at a resort in Station 2 or 3, like Villa Criselda Resort, and just walk up and swim at Station 1. Besides, Station 2 also offers convenient access to D’Mall and D’Talipapa, where most shops and restaurants are located.
Eat at D’Talipapa or maximize the buffet.
It ultimately depends on how much you’re going to eat. At D’Talipapa, they have a wet market where you can buy the freshest catch of the day at market prices, and have it cooked any way you want for a small fee. This is best for large groups willing to share a few dishes, or for those who know exactly what they want to eat. For hearty eaters, another option would be to eat at the many seafood buffets around the beach area. After all, if you’re going to eat a lot, might as well go to a place that virtually offers unlimited amounts of food at a fixed price.
Whether you’re buying souvenirs for everyone back home or just figuring out how much to pay for the tricycle ride back to your Boracay beach resort, haggle. It may be a bit of work, but you may be able to get rates for half of the original price.

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