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KEL Reaper of Entropy

Remember all those RPGs in which you start in a village and you have to prove your worth by clearing the local crypt of undead skeletons? What if you woke up as one of those skeletons instead of the wannabe hero?

KEL Reaper of Entropy gives you the chance to control (or at least try to) Kel the Skeleton and choose whether to terrorize or please the villagers. Or both for that matter. The game features unconventional gameplay, heinous methods of gaining victory and a non-existent variety of ways to customize your character. Plus an overdose of twisted humour as a bonus.

The game has entered the alpha testing and polishing phase in January 2014, and was released for PC on February 18 and for Mac two days later. For more info, please check our homepage and KEL on IndieDB.

What players say about the game

"The things I have experienced are really cool and unique. The overall game idea is fucking amazing. Period." (Robin)

"The cleverness and subtle, dark humor packed into KEL are enough to O.D. you. The game is challenging and so different from anything I've played lately. Or ever before, for that matter." (Scott)

"This game made me laugh so hard. And somehow it made think about some older games I love and why I love them." (Andrei)







Noverat is a story-driven RPG with the mission to offer a compelling story intermingled with action oriented gameplay. We've set this project on hold for now, since it has proven too big for our little team.

The game is based on a whole new fantasy world, with the action taking place in Kalandria, a land once under the care of the Shapers, divinities wielding Mist magic.

During the past few years, caught between the ruthless Merchants Guild and the secretive Engineers Guild, many inhabitants of Kalandria have left the safety of the four Cities to turn to banditry.


Among the turmoil a new faction has now risen, the Forgotten, those still faithful to the Shapers, and many feel there is something ominous about them.

What is it that they so relentlessly search among the ancient ruins?


In Noverat, you play as Jay'Dan, a blacksmith who inadvertently embarks on a journey across Kalandria, exploring ancient places and facing numerous dangers, old and new. Besides combo based combat and complex forging, you get to encounter many interesting characters. They each have their own tale weaving into the main storyline and present you with choices lacking black-and-white morality. These choices, the way in which you handle events and quests, and your usage of skills and weapons, all determine your character's development.




For more information about Noverat please visit our page on IndieDB Noverat on IndieDB

Noverat is also on Steam Greenlight! Noverat on Steam Greenlight